Below are the league dates:



Great Barr 31st May 14.00pm

Great Barr 11th April 13.30pm                      

Kidderminster 19th April 1.15pm

Kidderminster 26th July 10.00am

Oxley Park 23rd August 1.15pm

Oxley Park 16th May 13.00pm

Walmley 19th September 13.15pm

Walmley 18th June 16.30pm

Halesowen 21st June 13.15pm

Halesowen 30th August 12.00pm

For 2020 the Scratch Team Captain is Dan Tunnicliffe.

The dates for the Baffy this year are 15th & 16th August. Which is being played at Walsall this year, members please come along Sunday afternoon and show your support, and lets keep it at Bloxwich for another year.