Below are the league dates:



Sutton 15th June 2.30PM

Sutton 9th June 1.30PM                       

Fullford 26th May 1.30PM

Fulford 7th July 12.30PM

Hollywood 4th August 1.30PM

Hollywood 15th September 11.00AM

Oxley 28th April 1.30PM WON!!!!!

Oxley 31st August 1.00PM

Druids 5th May 1.30PM WON!!!!!

Druids 28th May 4.00PM

For 2019 the Scratch Team Captain is Martin Mayo.

In an ideal world we would have many sub 5 handicap players in the sub 40 year old bracket. I am very aware this is not our reality. So, we need to build a deeper squad. If you are a single figure handicapper and feel you could help, then please reach out. We will try and make sure all squad players get a game.

The dates are also in for the Baffy. 17th & 18th August. We need your support. Support with squad players. But also members support on course. Having played in the Baffy, I can tell you the on-course support is massive. It is a major lift.

We have won it now 4 years on the spin. 5 years is a nice round number and Mr. Captain Monks is dreading a speech without it! The Sunday this year is at HOME. So let's make sure the Baffy Trophy has no need to travel!